CPU type Zilog Z80GB (8-bit)
CPU Speed 4.194304 MHz
RAM 64 Kb (8 KB) interneral SRAM
Cartridge Size (MIN - MAX) 256 Kb - 8 Mb
VRAM 64 Kb (8KB) interneral
Colors 4 Colors (monochrome)
standard resolution 160 144 (reflecting LCD)
Maximal spritesize 8 x 16
MAX number of sprites 40
Speaker Mono, Stereo (For headphone)
Head soundchip 4 channels
The gameboy has a Zilog Z80 processor which is working at 4.194304 MHz, together with 8 KB of RAM. In that period of time, the gameboy was released, it was a normal speed of handheld systems.
The Gameboy got 4 monochome colors, these colors are greyscales, but all the colors can be on the screen at a time. Other handheld systems, like the Sega gamegear were equipped with a color screen.
The soundchip of the gameboy got 4 sound channels.
Nintendo kept it cheap, and simple with the gameboy handheld system, but thanks to the long batterylife (4X AA, 34 hours), and a big offer of software, the gameboy was also a succes. The game Tetris helped the gameboy system to sell just more.