Cleaning NES cartridges
Filthy cartridges are one of the causes a NES system is not working correctly anymore. In this tutorial you will learn how to clean a cartridge.

What do you need for this tutorial?
  • Q-tips
  • Contactspray (kontakt 60) or special cleaning solution
  • A filthy game

Your NES won't play your favourite game? The game starts with barbage/crap on the screen? Now it's time to clean your NES game:

You catches a box of Q-tips, and take one Q-tip out. Now moist the Q-tip. Rub the contacts on the frontside of the game with the wet Q-tip (with the wet side of the Q-tip). You will see black or yellow dirt on the Q-tip. Just rub the same contacts again with a new and wet Q-tip. Repeat this until the Q-tip stays clean. Use the dry side of the Q-tip to dry the contacts.

After cleaning the frontside contacts of of the game you must clean the (more important) backside contacts. This is the same process as the frontside contacts. Clean until the Q-tip stays clean, and dry.

After cleaning the cartridge, wait five minutes to be completely sure the contacts are dry.

If the game isn't still funtioning repeat the instructions above.